Through a time tested process of partnering with clients, The Sterling Group conducts searches to identify candidates that are ‘positioned’ for the roles identified by our clients.

We provide the client:

  • Consultative direction regarding the preparation for solving their ‘human capital’ issues, resulting in time savings, timely hires, and long term solution.
  • Positioning in support of marketplace conditions, such as market availability for candidates, current compensation strategies and models, as well as preparation and execution of position profiles.
  • Well executed sourcing (the ability to identify, screen, and communicate a message that enlists the candidate’s interest in your opportunity).
  • Qualified candidates that match the required skills and experience, and more importantly, your culture.
  • Well organized, well paced, and well executed interview process, as well as proper positioning for client and candidate.
  • Ensured mutually long-term commitment (retention).
  • Street message on your company, your culture, your leadership, and product/services by the execution of a clear, consistent branding into the ‘people’ marketplace.

We support search services in the following two areas:

1. Management Search for Greater Southern California in support of mid-level to senior level leaders within the disciplines of IT (Information Technology), Human Resources, and Finance/Accounting.

2. Global Faith-based Search in support of Senior level leader (C-level) roles.