At The Sterling Group we consider ourselves honored and blessed to work with such an esteemed assembly of clients and world class individuals.

That’s why it’s also encouraging to hear their appreciation of our services expressed in their own words:


Frank W. Borst
Global C-level executive known for building high-performance organizations that deliver consistent sustained excellence.

I have known Ron for over 10 years in his role as President of The Sterling Group, a leadership search firm that uses a unique approach to matching organizational need to individual passion, giftedness, and experience.  As Ron puts it “We fuse meaning and purpose between our candidates and the companies they will transform and serve.”  While Ron works with a variety of for-profits, it’s his work with Kingdom organizations that gives him the greatest satisfaction.  He has developed a unique approach to really understanding an organization’s culture as it looks to add another senior leader to the fold.  Ron gets the chemistry piece right, resulting in a placement that everyone is elated with.  I highly recommend speaking with Ron regarding your Search, Organizational Consulting, and Career Advisory needs.  He will help you get it right.

Grant Van Cleve
Global entrepreneur, angel investor, business accelerator
Ron’s extensive business background adds an amazing dimension to his work as a recruiter. In the process of interacting with Ron all the stakeholders end up benefitting in unexpected ways. The business ends up getting consulting on its overall HR strategy, and potentially even its core business. The potential hire gets keen insights into his own gifts and motivations. All benefit from his need integrity and warm personality. Fantastic to work with him.

Terry Tigner
Managing Partner at NextLevel
It has been my pleasure to know and work with Ron Henry for over eight years. Ron is a uniquely talented executive whose experience, intellect, character, and intuition allow him to contribute in the context of a wide variety of challenges and needs in today’s executive market. For me Ron has sourced very specific, high caliber professionals, while also offering valuable insight and guidance as I navigated new and unique situations. Over the years Ron has become a trusted advisor and friend whose creative thinking continually explores how he can be truly helpful on many levels to his clients and friends.

Ken Schmitt
SalesFish, Inc. (Principal)
I’ve worked with Ron for many years and have had the opportunity to work with him on a variety of activities, such as business consulting, business recruitment needs, advisory committees and community events. Ron is very pragmatic in his approach towards Human Capital and Business Consulting needs. He cuts through the clutter, muck and busyness that every day business demands of US…He really seeks to ascertain, what’s your REAL need right now, or do you just think you NEED something or someone. Ron is a trusted advisor who seeks the truth in all matters pertaining to life and business. Ron does not agree with the status quo, as none of us should settle for less than excellent. For any organization in the market for a business professional who is much more than a Human Capital and Business Consultant…You’ve arrived at the right choice, Ron Henry

Vijay Burton
CEO & Managing Director at AFS Technology Services
Ron is a good analytical and strategic thinker. I have known him for years and have found him to be a keen observer in identifying strengths and weakness of folks and be able to advice and guide them well. His key strength is in identifying and placing people in the right positions for various organizations & industries.


Bruce Lipe
Director of Sales iTrack Americas
I would highly recommend the Career Advisory Services provided by Ron Henry and The Sterling Group. Ron worked and walked with me through the process to rebrand myself using a very thorough proven methodology which included testing, mock interviews, ongoing reviews, strategy sessions and much more. He went the extra mile. As a result, his coaching and advice allowed me to better understand and articulate my value proposition, which led me to a new exciting position that has exceeded my expectations. I sincerely appreciate the fact that Ron’s advice is faith based, which changes many paradigms of how one should approach this whole rebranding and career search process so to produce optimal results!

Edna Guzman
Vice President, Benefit Project Manager Lockton Companies
I had the pleasure of utilizing Ron’s career advisory services during an 8-month period of transition. From the very beginning, it was evident that Ron was different and unique on his approach compared to others that I have worked with in the past. His perspective is rooted in his desire and willingness to uniquely serve the individual. I benefited both personally and professionally. As a fantastic listener and communicator, his counsel was always insightful. He intuitively asked the probing questions that allowed me to self-examine, draw conclusions and develop solutions that were appropriate and conducive to my style and personality. He understands the art of coaching and always delivered the right amount of advice for that moment. My interactions with Ron were edifying and filled with compassion. Always appreciated his candidness when the situation warranted it and his encouragement when I needed it. The key to Ron’s approach is that he showed me a different perspective and taught me how to position myself to receive my next assignment. In this process, I learned the basic framework needed to guide my decision making. I was then able to articulate my values, strengths, abilities and preferences in a manner to benefit others. As I accepted my new assignment, it became apparent to me that the lessons learned with the sharpen perspective Ron guided me through will last a lifetime. I would recommend Ron to anyone who is interested in using their career transition as a platform for growth that will lead to their next meaningful assignment.