The Sterling Group provides a customized approach to offering solutions to human resource challenges.

With each organization and every individual we invest our decades and experience in analyzing and designing placement and career strategies. We are motivated to provide the best possible answers to the toughest questions and challenges you are facing.

Our services are offered in the three following major categories:

Traditional Search
Through a time tested process of partnering with clients, the Sterling Group conducts searches to identify candidates that are ‘positioned’ for the roles identified by our clients.
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Organizational Consulting
Project based consulting services to support clients specific needs in support of clients securing and retaining the designated people to support their growth and success. Proper preparation for people positioning reduces costs and untimely delays.
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Career Advisory
An in-depth process that is counter intuitive in understanding how to position oneself to receive versus seek your next assignment. Premise is that everyone is created to serve within a specific functional role that is in alignment with how they were created.
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Employee Care Services
Supporting Marketplace Chaplains USA with client expansion in the West Region.  Company Presidents, CEO’s, Owners, and professional Human Resource leaders wanting to differentiate their work environment are utilizing this proactive approach to extend, enhance and broaden their level of care to their most valuable asset – employees and their families.

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We abide by the following Core Values:

  • Asset Maximization: Every company’s most valuable asset is their people
  • Service Excellence: We seek to always serve beyond expectations
  • Quality Relationships: Every transaction comes as a result of a quality relationship
  • Serving Individuals: Clients are people, not companies.
  • Cultural Success: The success of an organization is dependent upon recognizing and blending corporate culture
  • Integrity: Always seek the truth when serving clients, professionals, and associates.