At The Sterling Group we provide project-based consulting ‘people’ services with the goal of securing, retaining, and re-positioning the designated people for the continued support of their growth and organizational success. Through our unique strategy of “people positioning” we make for greater efficiency and productivity that reduce costs and increases production.

Our Process:

  • Through in-depth research of a company’s key staff and leaders, provide for the leadership the following benefits:
  • Clarity for organizational direction (a blueprint) for moving forward for staff, specific roles, types of leadership, etc.   Specific organizational charts and position profiles highlighting key responsibilities and functional design.
  • An enhanced understanding for each individual in leadership roles in support of identifying, setting and managing expectations. Thus, optimizing team effectiveness.
  • Provides insights in support of each individual’s career path and most effective & passionate role. This could even include identifying when their season with the company is coming to a close.
  • Provides tools for CEO with the foundation for growth through now optimizing ‘people’ for success individually and within the company by positioning each and every one for success (meaning using what God has designed and provide to them with skills & talent).
  • Provide insights as to appropriate training programs, coaching services needed to support individually and as a team.

Supporting services available:

  • Consult directly and walk with the CEO until such time the CEO determines otherwise as the primary point of contact.
  • Develop in conjunction with CEO, organizational charts today, 1 year (2016), 3+ years, and definition of roles with the company.
  • One on one sessions with key leaders (those recommended by CEO) to bring greater clarity to their individual role and career path. The leader will benefit from feeling more fulfilled and purposeful in current role.

Other Consulting Services offered:

1. Filtering Services- we provide clients:

  • High level project management of the entire recruitment process through providing experienced
  • Sourcing skills
  • Screening skills
  • Consistent communication of the company’s message
  • Discernment of candidates motives for the opportunity
  • For mid-level, timely cost savings to screen candidates from passive locations, such as websites, job boards, and employee referrals
  • Services that remove the ‘clutter’ of candidate paperwork from your desk
  • Alternative to direct research
  • Out-sourcing for your recruitment function
  • A peer, not subordinate, in the marketplace
  • Costs for services that reflect the sense of urgency, level of position, and your internal resources

2. People Research– we provide clients:

  • The names, companies, and contact information to conduct successful sourcing and recruitment for managerial to senior level searches.
  • The internal HR/Recruiter team access to the individuals to target for open positions
  • The tools for success for those who have invested in Internal staff to conduct recruiting.
  • A proven methodology that is utilized in the search process to launch successful search assignments.

3. On-boarding– we provide client advice and counsel:

  • To effectively integrate new staff into the overall organization
  • To ensure that the new employee will have the best opportunity to transition within the company
  • For the proper and consistent representation of the company’s culture, values, policies and procedures, working relationships, etc.
  • Functioning as a mentor/coach on intangible and relational issues during transition, while being a friend and confidant
  • To resolve potential conflicts and any misunderstandings
  • To provide meaningful feedback to clients before a problem could evolve
  • To provide encouragement for both client and candidate that that transition is progressing well