At The Sterling Group we take a unique approach to connecting extraordinary people with great companies. Our goal is helping individuals plug into the role they were born to perform.

We position leaders for their next assignment by using a specialized in-depth process that is counter intuitive in understanding. The result is we position you to receive rather than seeking your next assignment.

God builds each of us for certain tasks. We operate best when we are in sync with our design. What follows are unique approaches we use in this process:

  • Positioning influencers for significance – facilitating what God has already ordained.
  • Bringing vision to life – making it work. Harnessing the God-given talents of individuals for their individual as well as corporate growth. Practical righteousness.
  • Providing a quick study of an individual’s specific design and how it best fits into an organization/group.
  • Convening and empowering people to maximize the use of their God-given talents and experiences to serve their business, the family, their community.
  • Seeing one’s potential, not just their activity.

2015 FCCI International Conference, September 20-24, 2015  “Aligning with God’s Perspective for Your Career and Your Business”  FCCI International Conference – RonHenry.Breakout.CalledtoWork – -September 20-24 2015 (2)

CMC 2014 West-Called To Work
“Godly Insights to Understanding and Leveraging Your Career for Exponential Success” January 1, 2015

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Career Direct Training — Living By Design
Do you ever get the sense you’ve drifted in your original career vision? Or  do you sometimes wonder if your means of making a living is not the life you’ve been meaning to pursue?

Career-DirectThis is a common experience by professionals of all ages. Even those who have closely managed their career can feel a sense of emptiness and lack of purpose.

Since we spend the majority of our time each week working, it makes sense to spend time ensuring we’re in the right line of work.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered an amazing resource I want to share with you. It’s called “Career Direct Training — Living By Design”. It blends the Biblical principles of the “stewardship of talents” along with the latest strategies of career mapping.

The process covers four basic areas of career guidance: personality, interest, skills and values. It combines both a sophisticated analysis tool with personalized consultation.

The result for those of my clients who have used this process has been true transformation in their lives. Nearly 200,000 individuals have benefited from this program which is a result of 20 years of research and it has been rigorously tested and validated.

It’s not only a great process for yourself, but for friends and for those you love as well. Many clients have used this to help their children get clarity and vision with their careers.

The whole process can be completed in as little as three hours (one hour for the assessment component and two hours for the consultation).

Considering the value you’ll receive the cost from this program is extremely affordable:

$500 — Professionals
$250 — Students

To learn more about this life-changing program you can visit: 

In addition, you receive an Action Plan interactive with O*NET

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Or you can learn more by contacting us or requesting a consultation today.